The Implications of 3D Printing for the Global Logistics Industry

Click here to download my analysis, along with technology innovator Ken Lyon, of how 3D Printing could bring about root-and-branch changes to the global logistics industry.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Click here to download my whitepaper discussing the findings of Ti’s environment and ethics in logistics survey

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    What will Brexit mean for the UK Supply Chain and Logistics Industry?

What will Brexit mean for the UK Supply Chain and Logistics Industry?

Click here to download my whitepaper discussing the future relationship between the UK and EU and its implications for supply chain and logistics

Food Supply Chain Vulnerability

Vulnerability of the food supply chain is one of the hottest topics in the international food industry. Those vulnerabilities are not limited to breaches of physical security, theft and malicious contamination by ideologues, extortionists, criminals or terrorists. In this whitepaper myself and Managing Director, RQA Group, Vince Shiers Ph.D., offer insight into the vulnerability of the food supply chain by highlighting the threats and offering analysis of the best practice for securing the supply […]

Time for a new approach to supply chains

The relationship between public policy makers, lobbyists and the logistics and supply industry has been characterized by years of division and mistrust. Anti-globalization campaigners (including those campaigning against the present TTIP negotiations) have ignored the economic benefits which have seen many millions of people across the emerging world lifted out of poverty. Meanwhile, many multinationals have sought to avoid their environmental and social obligations by turning a blind eye to the often degrading and […]

What does the refugee crisis mean for European logistics?

Pictures of refugees trying to cross European borders have become commonplace over the summer. Whether at Calais trying to jump trains or trucks bound for the UK, or on a much larger scale crossing en masse into Hungary, Austria or Croatia, the migrant crisis has dominated the political agenda. Whereas the media has rightly highlighted the humanitarian consequences of the movement of thousands of people across the continent, little attention has been paid to […]

The impact of robotics and automation on logistics

One of the most talked about subjects at the WEF meeting at Davos 2014, was the impact which advances in manufacturing technology will have on production.  Robotics, 3D Printing and other automation will have undoubted implications for global supply chains.

The Rising Threat Of Cyberattacks To Logistics Networks

In an article for the World Economic Forum Logistics and Supply Chain Agenda Council, John describes the increasing importance of cyber-threats to global supply chains.

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The Implications Of 3D Printing For The Global Logistics Industry

In conjunction with technology expert Ken Lyon, John outlines why ‘3D Printing’, (‘additive manufacturing’ as it is also known), could revolutionise the logistics and supply chain industry and what this means for logistics providers.

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Reducing Post Harvest Food Losses – The Critical Role Of Logistics

It is forecast that the world’s population will rise to 9.1 billion by 2050. John explains the critical role which improved logistics will play in feeding the ever-increasing number of hungry mouths.

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