Introduction to Global Logistics

Introduction to Global Logistics offers a step-by-step guide to global logistics. Covering the breadth of logistics, this highly accessible text covers everything you need to know and is illustrated by engaging case studies of market leaders.

In this comprehensive second instalment of Global Logistics Strategies, John Manners-Bell provides an in-depth definition, description and exploration of the strategic principles and practices in transportation modes and supply chain verticals, including: freight forwarding, contract logistics, shipping, road freight, […]

Supply Chain Ethics

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It is increasingly clear that traditional supply chains which focus on sourcing products from the lowest possible cost suppliers are failing to exploit their full potential.

Supply Chain Ethics, through case studies, surveys and unique research, identifies and outlines best practice being employed by global manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies. It examines the so-called ‘triple advantage’ that accrues to businesses when strategies that combine bottom line profits, sustainable environmental practices and positive societal […]

Logistics and Supply Chains in Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets hold the key to the development of the global logistics industry over the next twenty years. Whilst developed economies struggle to come to terms with huge levels of debt, newly industrialized markets are showing strong growth prospects as manufacturers and investors look at low cost production locations. This, in turn, has led to urbanizations and the development of more affluent middle classes in regions such as Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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    Supply Chain Risk: Understanding Emerging Threats to Global Supply Chains

Supply Chain Risk: Understanding Emerging Threats to Global Supply Chains

Understanding Emerging Threats to Global Supply Chains
Supply Chain Risk assesses the various sources of external threats, including environmental, geopolitical, economic and technological. John Manners-Bell clearly describes the evolving risks to supply chains and how multinational corporations should be dealing with them at a strategic level. He examines the lack of supply visibility which puts businesses at risk and includes case studies of best practice, as well as citing examples of when and how things […]

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Global Logistics Strategies: Delivering the Goods

Global Logistics Strategies examines how the logistics industry has developed, how it is influenced by macro-economic factors and demand-side trends, what the risks are to the industry and how it will develop over the coming years. It features strategies and recommendations that companies can leverage. John Manners-Bell examines individual logistics segments looking at each one’s unique micro-economic dynamics: freight forwarding, contract logistics, shipping, road freight, air cargo and express are defined, explored and described […]

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