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    UN Conference on e-Commerce: Ti’s CEO warns many countries risk being left behind

UN Conference on e-Commerce: Ti’s CEO warns many countries risk being left behind

Professor John Manners-Bell, Chief Executive of market research organisation, Ti, recently moderated a Special Session at the United Nations’ Palais des Nations in Geneva as part of UNCTAD’s ‘e-Commerce Week’. The session, entitled e-Commerce and Trade Logistics: New Challenges and Opportunities for International Transport and Trade Facilitation, involved industry experts, practitioners, trade and governmental representatives from around the globe.

In his introductory remarks, Manners-Bell set out the importance of e-commerce for both developed and developing nations.

‘Not […]

Ethics and logistics workers in the new ‘gig’ economy

Many logistics companies are rightly proud of the sustainability initiatives which they have introduced within their warehousing and transport operations. Despite this, the fundamental business models and employment structures which many companies in the sector operate are coming under intense scrutiny due to the impact which they have on logistics workers. Many of the issues relate to the highly subcontracted nature of labour in the transport market and the use of agency workers in […]

The Implications of 3D Printing for the Global Logistics Industry

Click here to download my analysis, along with technology innovator Ken Lyon, of how 3D Printing could bring about root-and-branch changes to the global logistics industry.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Click here to download my whitepaper discussing the findings of Ti’s environment and ethics in logistics survey

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    What will Brexit mean for the UK Supply Chain and Logistics Industry?

What will Brexit mean for the UK Supply Chain and Logistics Industry?

Click here to download my whitepaper discussing the future relationship between the UK and EU and its implications for supply chain and logistics

Food Supply Chain Vulnerability

Vulnerability of the food supply chain is one of the hottest topics in the international food industry. Those vulnerabilities are not limited to breaches of physical security, theft and malicious contamination by ideologues, extortionists, criminals or terrorists. In this whitepaper myself and Managing Director, RQA Group, Vince Shiers Ph.D., offer insight into the vulnerability of the food supply chain by highlighting the threats and offering analysis of the best practice for securing the supply […]

Introduction to Global Logistics

Introduction to Global Logistics offers a step-by-step guide to global logistics. Covering the breadth of logistics, this highly accessible text covers everything you need to know and is illustrated by engaging case studies of market leaders.

In this comprehensive second instalment of Global Logistics Strategies, John Manners-Bell provides an in-depth definition, description and exploration of the strategic principles and practices in transportation modes and supply chain verticals, including: freight forwarding, contract logistics, shipping, road freight, […]

Time for a new approach to supply chains

The relationship between public policy makers, lobbyists and the logistics and supply industry has been characterized by years of division and mistrust. Anti-globalization campaigners (including those campaigning against the present TTIP negotiations) have ignored the economic benefits which have seen many millions of people across the emerging world lifted out of poverty. Meanwhile, many multinationals have sought to avoid their environmental and social obligations by turning a blind eye to the often degrading and […]

Supply Chain Ethics

Available for pre-order

It is increasingly clear that traditional supply chains which focus on sourcing products from the lowest possible cost suppliers are failing to exploit their full potential.

Supply Chain Ethics, through case studies, surveys and unique research, identifies and outlines best practice being employed by global manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies. It examines the so-called ‘triple advantage’ that accrues to businesses when strategies that combine bottom line profits, sustainable environmental practices and positive societal […]

Logistics and Supply Chains in Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets hold the key to the development of the global logistics industry over the next twenty years. Whilst developed economies struggle to come to terms with huge levels of debt, newly industrialized markets are showing strong growth prospects as manufacturers and investors look at low cost production locations. This, in turn, has led to urbanizations and the development of more affluent middle classes in regions such as Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific.

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