China’s e-retail drives logistics expansion in 2016

Despite all the talk of the slowdown in the Chinese economy, parts of the market will still see stellar growth in 2016. Historically the Chinese logistics industry has been focused on the movement of goods from manufacturing locations to various ports and airports in order to serve China’s dominant export industry. As its core markets in Europe and to a lesser degree in North America have struggled through economic weakness, air cargo and sea […]

Award for Ti’s Chief Executive for supply chain risk research

Transport Intelligence is delighted to announce that its Chief Executive, Professor John Manners-Bell, was recently presented with an award at the inaugural Royal Logistic Corps Foundation Awards dinner for his work on supply chain risk.

His submission to the Foundation’s ‘Review’ magazine, entitled ‘Engineering the Resilient Supply Chain’, dealt with the challenges faced by manufacturers, retailers and governments in today’s increasingly unstable global environment. It examined why supply chains are more at risk than ever […]

What does the refugee crisis mean for European logistics?

Pictures of refugees trying to cross European borders have become commonplace over the summer. Whether at Calais trying to jump trains or trucks bound for the UK, or on a much larger scale crossing en masse into Hungary, Austria or Croatia, the migrant crisis has dominated the political agenda. Whereas the media has rightly highlighted the humanitarian consequences of the movement of thousands of people across the continent, little attention has been paid to […]

John Manners-Bell wins prestigious award with Supply Chain Risk book

John Manners-Bell, has won the ACA-Bruel Special Mention prize with his book, Supply Chain Risk. The book took the honours for its contribution to the development of leading new concepts and methods in purchasing and supply chain.

The prize is organised by the Association of Purchasing and Supply Chain of HEC School of Management in Paris. John Manners-Bell was there in person to collect his award.

Manners-Bell said, “It was a great honour to receive such […]

Internet shopping delivery in UK ‘unsustainable’


In an interview for the BBC, Professor John Manners-Bell, Ti’s CEO, said that the market for parcels deliveries in the UK was not economically sustainable. In this summary of the interview with the BBC’s Technology Editor, David Grossman, he explains why.


The UK consumer has had it too good for too long. Free shipping options offered by internet retailers are totally unrealistic in the medium to long term. They are forcing the parcels industry into […]

Local supply chains the real answer to horsemeat scandal , says industry analyst

Following the well-publicized horse meat scandal in 2013, the UK Government has published its response to the final report of the Review into the Integrity and Assurance of Food Supply Networks, undertaken by Professor Chris Elliott. However, according to industry expert, John Manners-Bell. despite all the initiatives at a country and European level, only by localising supply chains will risk be reduced.

The scandal which rocked the food industry in the UK and elsewhere in […]

WTO trade talks failure strikes blow to globalisation

In a shock decision, India has blocked ratification of the Bali trade deal. Ironically, emerging markets have the most to lose from neo-protectionism as this will create a two-speed trading regime, with the EU, US and other economic powerhouses creating their own free trade alliances.

The very existence of the World Trade Organisation is now being called into question, following India’s decision to block ratification of the Bali Trade deal agreed in December 2013.

The failure […]

Comment: ASOS warehouse disaster reveals hidden costs of supply chain risk

The fire which occurred on Friday night (20 June 2014) at the global distribution centre of online retailer, ASOS, highlights many of the risks to which modern supply chains are exposed, according to Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell.

The global retailer keeps 70% of its stock at its distribution centre in Barnsley and it is believed that the fire could have affected more than £30m ($50m) of inventory. The facility is over 600,000 sq ft […]

Supply Chain Risk book launched at Dubai industry leader gathering

Doing an increased level of business in emerging markets has made supply chains more vulnerable than ever, says author John Manners-Bell at the launch of his latest book in Dubai.

Supply chains are under threat as never before, according to the latest book by industry expert John Manners-Bell. The book, ‘Supply Chain Risk’, launched at Transport Intelligence’s ‘Emerging Markets Logistics Conference’ in Dubai, examines the evolving challenges which manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies face in […]

De-globalization: Where does this leave the global logistics industry?

I recently gave a webcast to Stifel’s clients and contacts about my views on the future of globalization; how the world was regionalizing and with the onset of re-shoring, 3D printing and the growth of mega-cities would eventually be characterized by localized goods flows.