Global Supply Chain Risk Briefing: How globalisation and unbundling of production has altered the balance of supply chain risk

External threats to supply chains have received considerable attention following the well-publicised natural disasters. This whitepaper explains why unbundling and out-sourcing of manufacturing has helped increase these risks.

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Emerging Markets: Endemic Corruption In The Logistics Industry

In a whitepaper published in September 2013, John discusses corruption trend is holding back the progress of the logistics sector in emerging markets and how governments, manufacturers and the logistics industry are trying to tackle the problem.

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Catastrophic Risk – Understanding And Dealing With Threats To Supply Chains

In this whitepaper, John outlines why Supply Chains in Asia are more exposed than ever before and describes how one company, Cisco, has re-engineered its response to potential disasters.

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  • Singapore

    Singapore – A supply chain hub for emerging markets and beyond

Singapore – A supply chain hub for emerging markets and beyond

For such a highly developed economy, Singapore continues to grow at an impressive pace. Expansion over the second quarter of 2013 implied an annual growth rate of 3.5%, yet even this is down slightly on the average 5.6% seen between 2007 and 2013. For the medium term, the Singapore government foresees a more modest 2-3% growth per annum.
Driving this expansion are a number of factors including the ‘China trade’, but also the new prosperity […]

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