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Comment: ASOS warehouse disaster reveals hidden costs of supply chain risk

The fire which occurred on Friday night (20 June 2014) at the global distribution centre of online retailer, ASOS, highlights many of the risks to which modern supply chains are exposed, according to Ti’s CEO John Manners-Bell.

The global retailer keeps 70% of its stock at its distribution centre in Barnsley and it is believed that the fire could have affected more than £30m ($50m) of inventory. The facility is over 600,000 sq ft […]

Supply Chain Risk book launched at Dubai industry leader gathering

Doing an increased level of business in emerging markets has made supply chains more vulnerable than ever, says author John Manners-Bell at the launch of his latest book in Dubai.

Supply chains are under threat as never before, according to the latest book by industry expert John Manners-Bell. The book, ‘Supply Chain Risk’, launched at Transport Intelligence’s ‘Emerging Markets Logistics Conference’ in Dubai, examines the evolving challenges which manufacturers, retailers and logistics companies face in […]