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One year on from Rana Plaza: have global supply chains changed for the better?

It is a year now since the Rana Plaza disaster when over 1300 fashion and textile workers died in a factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The facility was used by a host of well-known global retailing brands as part of their global sourcing strategies. It later transpired that the owners of the factory had ignored planning laws and built a structurally unsound building with deadly consequences to the work force.

The disaster led some people […]

Interview with the author: Supply Chain Risk: Understanding Emerging Threats to Supply Chains

To mark Global Logistics Day and the publication of the new book, Supply Chain Risk, Transport Intelligence’s Logistics Briefing undertook an interview with author, John Manners-Bell to find out more about threats to the logistics industry.

LB. Over the past few years we’ve seen tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, piracy and terrorism. Would you agree that these days there seems to be many more risks to supply chain risks?

JMB. It’s not necessarily that there have been many […]