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Embrace ethical supply chains – or risk rolling back globalisation

The fire at Rana Plaza, Bangladesh in early 2013 raised major questions over the sourcing policies employed by global manufacturers and retailers. Although the disaster specifically related to the fashion industry, there have been concerns in all sectors about wages and working conditions of suppliers in remote locations in emerging parts of the world. Not only are there labour issues – question marks hang over the environmental standards of suppliers, raising worries that some […]

The Rising Threat Of Cyberattacks To Logistics Networks

In an article for the World Economic Forum Logistics and Supply Chain Agenda Council, John describes the increasing importance of cyber-threats to global supply chains.

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The Implications Of 3D Printing For The Global Logistics Industry

In conjunction with technology expert Ken Lyon, John outlines why ‘3D Printing’, (‘additive manufacturing’ as it is also known), could revolutionise the logistics and supply chain industry and what this means for logistics providers.

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Reducing Post Harvest Food Losses – The Critical Role Of Logistics

It is forecast that the world’s population will rise to 9.1 billion by 2050. John explains the critical role which improved logistics will play in feeding the ever-increasing number of hungry mouths.

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Catastrophic risk: How vulnerable is the UK to systemic transport failure?

At a lunch in London, John spoke about how the level of interconnectivity of networks has increased the risk of catastrophic failure and what needs to be done to make the UK’s response more robust.

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Global Supply Chain Risk Briefing: How globalisation and unbundling of production has altered the balance of supply chain risk

External threats to supply chains have received considerable attention following the well-publicised natural disasters. This whitepaper explains why unbundling and out-sourcing of manufacturing has helped increase these risks.

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Emerging Markets: Endemic Corruption In The Logistics Industry

In a whitepaper published in September 2013, John discusses corruption trend is holding back the progress of the logistics sector in emerging markets and how governments, manufacturers and the logistics industry are trying to tackle the problem.

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Davy Global Transportation & Logistics Conference London 2012

Speaking at the Davy investor conference in London, June 2012, John provides an overview of the performance of the European logistics market and results of a recent survey on key trends.

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Catastrophic Risk – Understanding And Dealing With Threats To Supply Chains

In this whitepaper, John outlines why Supply Chains in Asia are more exposed than ever before and describes how one company, Cisco, has re-engineered its response to potential disasters.

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What is the right approach to Black Swan events?

At the IMHX conference in the Birmingham, UK John presented an analysis of supply chain threats and best practice in dealing with major natural disasters and other catastrophes.

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